Bertec Fixed Force Plates

Bertec Fixed Force Plates


Bertec fixed force plates are designed for gait, balance, and performance analyses. Their patented strain gauge technology, innovative transducer designs, and quality manufacturing help you capture the highly accurate data needed for your research.

The fixed force plates are available in a range of sizes and can be combined to form the Bertec Fixed Walkway Solution.

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Bertec Fixed Force Plates

Each fixed force plate consists of precision-engineered, strain-gage load transducers that precisely measure six components: three orthogonal forces and the moments about each axis. Each plate contains a built-in, 16-bit digital gain amplifier and signal conditioning unit, which makes the use of calibration matrices obsolete. Bertec supplies fixed force plates in a range of sizes, to suit your individual needs.

Superior technology

Bertec force plates lead the industry in centre of pressure (CoP) and force measurement accuracy with negligible crosstalk, drift, and signal interference. Analog signals sampled internally at 1,000Hz are processed by Bertec’s custom electronics into digital data, impervious to degradation. With data collection simple and easy to undertake, it allows this highly accurate data collected to be used in a wide range of applications. Representing a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over 30 years, Bertec offers the strongest, industry-leading 7-year warranty on their fixed force plates.

Bertec Walkway

The Bertec Fixed Walkway allows researchers to mount Bertec’s 40cm x 60cm or 60cm x 90cm fixed force plates in a customizable in-series configuration to create a ‘walkway’ for various biomechanics applications.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Utilise with any motion capture system, including camera-based systems
  • Simultaneously measures three force components and three moment components about the x, y, and z axes for a total of six outputs which are used to compute the Center of Pressure (CoP)
  • Also available – specialised force plates, balance plates, and jump plates, measuring only the vertical force and two moments which are used to compute the Center of Pressure (CoP)
  • Force plate signal is fed into your choice of amplifier – digital, analog or dual digital/analog output
  • Digital signal output from the portable force plate can be directly plugged into a standard USB port
  • Digital acquisition software enables the user to collect data quickly
  • SDK is available for download to integrate the force plate with custom software
  • Custom electronics guarantee negligible cross-talk, drift, and signal interference from external sources
  • Portable force plates allow data collection in more natural environments
  • Strongest industry warranty


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