A Step Forward: BCU Welcomes Zebris FDM 1.5 Pressure Platform

The Biomechanics lab at the Birmingham City University’s Sport and Exercise Science Department has recently seen a significant upgrade, thanks to the diligent efforts of the HaB Direct team. This upgrade came in the form of a new Zebris FDM 1.5 Pressure Platform, a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance the department’s gait analysis capabilities.

BCU expressed the need to replace their old and outdated pressure platform. The decision to select the Zebris FDM 1.5 model was influenced by several factors, including budget considerations and the specific requirements of their applications, with walking being the predominant focus.

Selecting the Zebris FDM 1.5 Pressure Platform

The selection of the Zebris FDM 1.5 model was made upon the recommendation of HaB Direct, who brought their extensive expertise to the department. This model was identified as fitting within the department’s budgetary constraints. While also providing sufficient size and capabilities for their primary applications.

The Zebris FDM 1.5 Pressure Platform is an advanced biomechanical analysis tool designed to offer precise and comprehensive gait analysis and be used for orthopaedics and rehabilitation science. Its 1.5-meter length makes it particularly suitable for a wide range of walking studies. It allows for detailed assessments of foot pressure distribution, stride, and overall gait dynamics. The platform’s technology is not only pivotal for educational purposes in universities and research institutions. It is also invaluable in clinical settings for patient care and rehabilitation. https://www.habdirect.com/product/zebris-fdm-stance-and-gait-analysis-system/ 

User-Friendly Software and Streamlined Data Analysis

A key feature of the Zebris system is its user-friendly software, which simplifies the process of conducting gait analysis. The system allows for the easy collection and interpretation of data, supported by the generation of personalised reports. The platform offers detailed insights into gait patterns with minimal complexity. This functionality makes it an invaluable tool for both teaching and research.

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Watch the demonstration of the zebris FDM 1.5 Pressure Platform by Jack

Feedback from the HaB Direct Team

Jack Elliott, a member of the HaB Direct team involved in the project, shared his positive experience:

“It was great to be back onsite at BCU, supplying them with their new Zebris pressure platform for their Biomechanics lab. The system adds to the already impressive facilities at the University, and it should provide students with a detailed insight into gait analysis within user-friendly software.”

Conclusion: Setting New Standards in Academic Excellence

The collaboration between BCU and HaB Direct in upgrading the Biomechanics laboratory equipment underscores a shared commitment to advancing education and research in the field of Sport and Exercise Science. The inclusion of the Zebris FDM 1.5 Pressure Platform is a testament to this partnership’s success. Thus, setting new standards for academic and research excellence at BCU.

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