Delivering a High-Performance Treadmill to the Institute of Naval Medicine

Image of h/p/cosmos high-performance treadmill at the Institute of Naval Medicine

In the heart of Gosport, Hampshire, an exciting development unfolded. The Institute of Naval Medicine embarked on a significant refurbishment project within their Environmental Medicine and Science department. The Institute is aiming to enhance their facilities with advanced research technology. Their search led them to us at HaB Direct, a leader in providing high-quality fitness equipment and services. The focus of this project was the procurement and installation of the h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment known for its exceptional features and reliability.

Close up of a h/p/cosmos treadmill
h/p/cosmos high-performance treadmill

The Challenge and the Solution

The Institute was in search of a high-performance treadmill that could meet very specific requirements: 

  • reverse belt rotation for downhill walking or running, 
  • a safety arch for enhanced health and safety measures, 
  • a maximum speed capability of 30km/hour, 
  • and extended handrails. 

The project was part of a broader initiative to upgrade their facilities, ensuring that they could offer the best possible environment for training and research. The procurement process took the form of a mini tender.

The h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill ergometer was proposed for its ability to meet the immediate needs of the Institute. It was also chosen for its additional features that promised to enhance user experience and safety.

HaB Direct proposed modifications to the standard model, including an increase in maximum speed from 25 km/hour to 30 km/hour. As well as the inclusion of longer, detachable handrails for unobstructed view during video analysis. In addition, the safety arch and the capability for reverse belt rotation were key features that ensured the treadmill exceeded the Institute’s requirements.

After a thorough procurement process, HaB Direct was chosen for their efficiently priced solution and their reputation for delivering high-quality fitness solutions across the UK & Ireland. One of the decisive factors for the Institute was HaB’s ability to arrange a site visit to a local university. Thus enabling the client to view and trial a similar treadmill, ensuring it met all their stringent requirements.

Impeccable Integration and Enhanced Capabilities

What sets the h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill ergometer apart is its certification as a medical treadmill. Therefore allowing it to seamlessly integrate with the Institute of Naval Medicine’s CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test) device. This integration enables specific testing through the CPET software, controlling the treadmill’s speed and elevation. Thereby facilitating a wide range of exercises and experiments critical to the Institute’s research objectives.

More about quasar med High-Performance Treadmill

The h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill ergometer embodies over three decades of German engineering excellence in treadmill technology, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It is developed and manufactured by h/p/cosmos. They are company with a rich history of producing high-performance treadmills for fitness, high-performance sports, rehabilitation, and diagnostic purposes. 

The quasar med model stands out for its durability, low maintenance, and versatile functionality. Designed to meet the needs of both medical and sports applications, these treadmills offer a seamless interface for integration with various diagnostic devices. All thanks to the coscom v4 protocol

Available in different configurations, including the risk class IIb medical device certification. The quasar med treadmill ergometers are especially suited for cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. The model boasts a stable frame, ensuring longevity and reliability. Moreover, features a suite of options and accessories that can be customised or upgraded over time to meet evolving needs. 

Features such as adjustable handrails cater to a wide range of users, ensuring safety, comfort, and effective training or rehabilitation sessions. Options also include the airwalk ap unweighting system, safety arch fall prevention, and the innovative robowalk expander-pulley system.

A Testament to Teamwork and Quality

The successful installation of the h/p/cosmos quasar med high-performance treadmill at the Institute of Naval Medicine is a testament to the effective collaboration between HaB Direct and the Institute’s staff. The project was led by Pete Brown, with Stuart Jackson playing a pivotal role in the process. The installation was smooth, thanks in part to Carol House’s (Physiologist at INM) efforts in organising site access. Subsequently highlighting the importance of teamwork and coordination in achieving project success.

Reflecting on the project, a HaB team member remarked,

“The opportunity to supply the INM with high-quality equipment does not come around too often, and it has been great to be able to supply the Institute with this h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill. The installation went very smoothly, and we thank Carol for organising access to the site.”

This project underscores HaB Direct’s commitment to providing top-notch research solutions. Without a doubt, it demonstrates their ability to meet specific client needs through customised services and products. The Institute of Naval Medicine now boasts a facility enhanced by the latest in treadmill technology, significantly ready to support their ongoing commitment to excellence in environmental medicine and science.

View the process of the h/p/cosmos installation in this video!

About HaB Direct & h/p/cosmos

HaB Direct proudly stands as the exclusive distributor of h/p/cosmos treadmill ergometers within the UK and Ireland, underscoring our commitment to delivering premier high-performance and rehabilitation solutions. We have delivered and installed over 500 h/p/cosmos treadmills within the UK & Ireland. 

This exclusive partnership with h/p/cosmos, a globally recognised leader in treadmill ergometer technology, allows HaB Direct to offer an unparalleled range of high-quality, innovative products tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare, sports, and research institutions. 

With a focus on reliability, precision, and user safety, h/p/cosmos treadmill ergometers are designed to cater to a wide array of applications—from medical rehabilitation to elite sports training and scientific research.

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The recent installation of the h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill at the Institute of Naval Medicine has already garnered positive feedback, marking a promising start to its integration within their facilities. While it is premature to fully assess the long-term impact of this state-of-the-art equipment on the Institute’s operations and objectives, the initial response from the customer has been overwhelmingly positive. They have remarked on the high-performance treadmill’s appearance, noting that it embodies high-quality craftsmanship and design.

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